Feb. 23, 2021

Jade Roberts

Jade Roberts is an Indigenous educator, artist, and the host of Still Here, Still Healing - a podcast that brings awareness to the history and lasting impacts of residential schools.

Host Dale Richardson speaks with Jade about her life, including growing up in La Ronge and her family’s diverse history; her experience moving from La Ronge to Saskatoon and her teaching career; how her father’s experience in residential school inspired her to start a podcast; the residential school survivors and guests she speaks to on her podcast; the effects of intergenerational trauma; how we can keep growing podcasting in Saskatchewan; and much more.

The Talking 306 Podcast is an original Saskatchewan podcast that's hosted and produced by Dale Richardson, and is a proud member of the Saskatchewan Podcast Network. The Saskatchewan Podcast Network is supported this month in part by Conexus, DirectWest, and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways, and the Talking 306 Podcast is sponsored by Path Cowork. 

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